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  • Polyamory Place - the source for many of the links on this page!
  • Polyamory Society
  • Polyamory Newsgroup
  • Loving More Magazine
  • The Open Heart Project
  • Polyamory Organization
  • The Society for Human Sexuality
  • Poly in the UK
  • Poly People on the Web
  • Polyamory Awareness and Acceptance
  • Group Marriage Alliance Home Page
  • Polyamory Institute of Australia
  • Polyamory Advisor
  • SouthWest Polyamory Connection
  • Phoenix Community Circle
  • Local Poly Groups, by State
  • Triadventures - Poly Merchandise (T-Shirts, Etc.)
  • 3 Coins
  • Pacific Northwest Poly Ring
  • Polyamory Resources (
  • Alternative Lifestyles Page
  • Sexuality Links

  • Anything That Moves
  • Bi-Net USA
  • Bisexual Options
  • Bi All Means
  • Bi Cafe
  • Bi Planet
  • Bi Sexual Forum
  • Bi World
  • Planet Out
  • Rainbow Query
  • G.L.A.A.D
  • Gay & Lesbian Parents Coalition International, Inc.
  • Personal Home Pages

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