Welcome to Triad Marriage
Hello, Peace, and Welcome to Triad Marriage. We are here to serve as a live and active community sounding board for Polyamory and Polyfidelity. We invite you to introduce yourself, post your thoughts, share your ideas, stories and banter with us.

We have two live forums, one at Delphi (our original home forum) and one at MSN (our newer and more 'permissive' forum). Both are active, so whichever community you are a part of, please stop by.

A special note: We aren't an "on line sex site". However, as we deal with adult relationships and adult lifestyles, we do have an adults only folder. For access to the adults only area, please post in the "Request for Access" Folder.

Thanks and be welcome! ~
Sneakers, Host of Triad Marriage.

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